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Experts of
sensorial analysis

About us

We are experts in luxury foods. We test, analyse and evaluate them – according to strictly defined criteria.


Sensetory has a network of experts in the field of sensory analysis that is unique in Germany. Among these experts are wine academics, vintners, sommeliers and oenologists.

The advantage of such a mix is the variety of aspects under which the products are tested. The result: a precise evaluation that takes all market-relevant criteria into account.

We test alcoholic beverages such as wine, wine-based beverages, sparkling wine, beer and spirits.
In addition, we also evaluate luxury foods such as coffee and chocolate and related products.

For a characteristic assortment.
For reliable quality.
Because pleasure needs the human senses.


Our efficient, reliable quality control stands out

– a standardized procedure,
– always the same procedures as well
– a sensory work that is reproducibly implemented according to defined DIN standards.

In compliance with these requirements, SENSETORY is accredited by the German Accreditation Body GmbH (DAkkS) according to the current standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. This confirms our competence as an independent testing laboratory for valid quality assurance.

A list of accredited test methods can be found here.

The accreditation is only valid for the scope of accreditation listed in the document Annex D-PL-21854-01-00


Our method:

Sensory analysis

A team of experts tastes, analyses and evaluates a specific product group according to strictly defined criteria.

With their help, we determine the desired sensory characteristics and compare the tasted products with them.

Our approach to sensory laboratory analysis is based on systematic and structured criteria.

Among other things, this allows us to anticipate and control natural fluctuations and changes in the products over time.


Quality assessment:

The article is ranked according to an internationally estabished grading scale.


Creation of a sensetory profile:

Parameters are defoned within standardized categories, such as appearance, scent and taste. Theis characteristics are then recorded and visually represented.


Profile comparison

The test sample is compared with a defined target profile. On the basis of binding tolerance ranges, we provide a clear basis for decision-making.


Evaluation by a sensory panel:

Professional interpretation of the resuilts of the sensory analysis by our experts.



Our measuring instruments:

The senses

The sensory organs serve as measuring instruments, placing the human senses centre stage.

Sensory analysis of appearance, smell, taste and haptics form the framework for the detailed assessment.

Part of our company’s philosophy is the continuous training of our tasters. This is how we keep our standards at the highest level.

We define product profiles for all relevant sensory impressions for the respective article. On the basis of these profiles, we determine the desired sensory properties and compare the sampled products with them.


The clarity and intensity of the colour of the product is examined and evaluated.



The aromatic character, its intensity, purity and complexity is captured with the sense of smell.



The degree of sweetness, acidity, bitterness and saltiness and their complex interplay is recorded.



Textures such as viscosity, smoothness or hardness have a decisive influence on the properties of food and are part of the sensory evaluation.



Our expertise:

Your benefit

The purpose of sensory analysis is to maintain a continuous level of quality.

Our standardized process is reproducible and provides a basis for decisions you can rely on.

We offer security and orientation when evaluating and selecting your products, thereby supporting you in the further development of your product range.

Take advantage of our expertise to refine your products. For a high-quality and distinctive assortment.


Excellent sensor technology

The Cologne-based company sensetory GmbH is the only accredited pure sensory laboratory in Germany – capable of objectifying the senses in the best possible way. A look behind the scenes.

Download article from WEINWIRTSCHAFT 18/2023


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